****Year End Trophies & Buckle will be awarded based on 3 gymkhanas this year due to the cancellation of the June gymkhana.

2023 Year End Champions

Junior Champion Morgan Cross and Reserve Henry Joyce

​July 14, 2024 Gymkhana Events

August 11, 2024 Gymkhana Events

Below are links to event flyers for 2024! Click on blue button to download.

An Event Waiver MUST be signed by each participant!

​​Fun for all ages!

The Grafton Trail Riders host 4 gymkhanas, or games on horseback, each summer. Non-members are welcome to participate in these events! Be sure to get on our mailing list if you are interested in receiving a list of gymkhana events in advance. Every one who participates must first sign the event waiver which can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. Gymkhanas are fun for the whole family. Come and join us! 


29 Trail Riders Way, Cropseyville, NY 12052


Hi Point for the season Belt Buckle winner, Morgan Cross 

*Please read waiver information below.

**Please note:  Beginning 2024, prices for NON-MEMBER gymkhana entries are now $30.00 per person for Sr., Jr., Youth and Top of the Hill.  PeeWee entries are now $10.00.

****** When Release of Liability are signed for minors participating in our gymkhanas or any GTR events, they MUST be signed by a legal guardian.  A waiver signed by an aunt, uncle, sibling, grandparent, instructor, etc. who is not a legal guardian will not be accepted and the minor will not be able to participate in the GTR event.  

​September 8, 2024 Gymkhana Events

Senior Reserve Melody DeCerce and Champion Becca Gill

2024 Gymkhana Dates

Youth Champion Scarlett Stoffels and Reserve Abby Reynolds

...and the buckle goes to...

July 14, 2024

2023 Results

September 8, 2024

To view instructions/rules for each event/class being run in the July, August & September gymkhanas please see the bottom of this page.

August 11, 2024

June 9, 2024

Top of the Hill Champion John Steele and Reserve Michelle Cross

There are 5 divisions:  

Pee Wee (9 yrs. and under or on a lead line)

Youth (10 to 13 yrs.)

Junior (14 to 17 yrs.)

Senior (18 yrs. & older)

Top of the Hill (40+ yrs.) 

There are 3 events for Pee Wee and 5 events for the rest of the divisions.

Events are timed, based on elimination, or both. Time penalties are added if a rider fails to complete part of an event or disqualification if rider is off course.

For Youth, Jr., Sr. and Top of Hill ribbons and points are awarded for the top 6 placings in each event.  PeeWee riders all get either ribbons or treats but do not accumulate points.

Year end trophies for Champion and Reserve are awarded for riders with the most points in each division.

 Helmets are recommended for everyone!

New York State Law now requires that all riders under the age of 18 MUST

wear a helmet!

PLEASE! Horses may spook!

For the safety of our horses, riders and guests, NO DRONES